Storm Damage Repair

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Your roof is meant to guard your home from all variety of weather issues including snow and rain. What happens when a storm blows in, and a tree crashes onto your roof? What happens when extreme winds begin to pull off not only the shingles but the asphalt as well?

These are instances of storm damage, and there are some cases of needing emergency repairs as well. It doesn't matter if you're calling for your home or your business, you need your roof repaired quickly and for your structure to become safe once again.
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Large Debris Damage

At Full Spectrum Roofing, we will deploy a local Mooresville roofing contractor to assess the damage and put together a repair plan. It's very likely that the carpentry of your roof will need some repair. However, it's not so likely that storm damage will result in the need for a full roof replacement. Discuss your options with your Mooresville roofer from Full Spectrum Roofing.

Mooresville storm damage repair may require emergency response and a plan for the safe removal of any debris. Trees and other debris can pose safety hazards to all involved contractors as well as you and your family. There are also times, such as a fallen powerline, that require collaboration with local utility companies.

Full Spectrum Roofing also provides Lake Norman storm damage repair services. Whether you're in Lake Norman or Mooresville, you can ensure a speedy response from our team. When you have damage from large debris, contact our offices immediately. We'll work with your insurance company, and any other contractors involved. Additionally, when the work is complete, we'll provide a full inspection to ensure that your roof is safe and ready to protect your home.
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Standard Storm Damage Repairs

Even in cases that don't involve heavy or dangerous debris, storm damage can include wind and hail. After any big storm, you may want to contact Full Spectrum Roofing to have a professional roofing contractor inspect your home for damage. There are often damages from storms that aren't visible from standing on the ground.

Don't' take the risk of climbing up on an unstable roof, call in a professional. If during an inspection after a storm we find any storm-related damage we’ll help you begin the process of making a claim with your insurance company.

Unaddressed storm damage will surely result in leaks and ongoing damage. It's crucial that you repair storm damages as quickly as possible to ensure there's a limited chance of further damage.

Full Spectrum Roofing is an experienced roofing company that are quick to address storm damage. After a storm hits your area be sure to schedule for immediate repair or an inspection. Our staff will communicate the entire process of managing damage repair for homes or businesses.

We specialize in roof replacement, including repairs if needed. We'll walk you through each of the necessary steps of our storm damage assessment, Then we'll update you on our progress each step of the way. Contact our offices at 704-402-5337, and we'll have someone help you right away.