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Residential roofing services come with many questions which we hear again and again. Full Spectrum Roofing understands that homeowners often prefer DIY basic roofing repairs, while others prefer to bring in a contractor. We always help homeowners make educated decisions about their roofing repairs, maintenance, and how to handle them.

With a strong team, one of our Mooresville roofer staff members will help you identify key areas of concern with an inspection. If you have seen recent water spots on your ceiling or know that you lost a few shingles in the most recent storm, then this meeting might be fairly quick. However, if you've gone years without any maintenance to your roof, you might need a more thorough discussion with a Mooresville roofing contractor.

Our staff is all well-qualified, safety-focused, and exceptionally well-trained. With years of experience working as a Lake Norman roofing service, we only send out the best roofing contractors in the area. Full Spectrum Roofing is a GAF Certified company, and that says a lot. Only the top three percent of roofing contractors are able to become certified through GAF. This means that we offer exceptional service, and superior quality in all that we do. A new roof is a huge investment for anyone. It is important to understand the significance of making sure that you hire a certified contractor. To be a GAF certified contractor means that, the contractor has undergone extensive training on the products offered, as well as the installation knowledge that is required to install the system. They are backed by the manufacturer, and can offer the greatest warranty in the roofing industry.
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You can work with a professional roofing service to ensure that you're doing everything possible to extend the life of your roof.

Most homeowners know that maintenance of gutter cleaning is necessary. When gutters are not clear a heavy rain can put pressure on the fascia and inner carpentry of your roof. As the gutters flood, it can also lead to water damage, mold development, and eventually, pest invasion. Unkempt gutters are often the root cause of termite and extensive mold damage for homes.

Mold, an issue that many homeowners face, is something you can get rid of rather easily. A chemical wash or scrub of your roof can help remove the black lines which expose the presence of mold. Homeowners may notice the black lines on many roofs and believe it to be normal dirt and debris collection. That’s not the case. Roofs do get dirty, but black lines are a surefire sign of mold.
With proper maintenance, you can eliminate the potential for future damage from mold, pests, and ice dams.
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New And Replacement Roofing

Roofing doesn't last forever. Whether you're a new homeowner or if you know that your roof has hit its limit, then you may need to schedule for a replacement. A roof replacement does involve a lot of decision making, but as a local Mooresville roofer, we'll guide you through the benefits and drawbacks of each option.

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